Our Fleet

Our fleet of vessels are hand selected and purpose built, with a diversity to carry out a wide range of jobs.

From mini harbour tugs to large ocean going tugs, barges with excavators capable of serious dredging works to our Jack Up Barge, the Foreshore Marine fleet is strong and capable.

The fleet comprises of:

IBIS II 28m Hopper Barge, equipped with a 65 ton Volvo excavator

DB1 24m Hopper Barge, equipped with a 30 ton super longreach Hyundai excavator

Jack Up Barge, a three legged jack up barge with moon pool for geotechnical drilling.

PLB1 Piling Barge, equipped with a 25 ton crane

DB2 Hopper Barge

Titan Tug, 14m twin screw harbour tug

Workboat 29, 10.5m road transportable shallow draft harbour tug

Salt Creek, 17m ocean going tug (currently undergoing refit)

Also a selection of smaller workboats and punts.