Management Team

Yulio Spadina

Has over 20 years in the marine construction & pile driving industry both as a company director and senior project manager.

Prior to this period Yulio was the principal in commercial and civil construction projects which has led to an impressive both depth and breadth of capability across the range of construction disciplines.

With a number of large scale projects under his belt, Yulio approaches each job with the knowledge and understanding that is required to successfully complete the task at hand.  He has a background in engineering and is multi skilled in a variety of aspects including pile driving, development, fabrication, consultation, design, construction, project management and civil works.



Chris Whitmee

First began his career within the civil construction industry 22 years ago.

From this time on he has been involved in many projects which have developed his current substantial skill set of both practical and theoretical components of civil construction, ultimately resulting in his ability to successfully manage large scale complex project works.

Chris’ initial hands on roles have allowed him to manage a team of employees with great knowledge on the scope of work followed by the compassion and drive all workforces require for successful outcomes.

The successful operation of his own civil business and successful completion of over $150M of projects