The Maryborough Slipway is part of the Spadina Group of businesses.  Located in beautiful Maryborough Queensland, on the banks of the Mary River, the Maryborough Slipway is one of the oldest slipways still in operation in Australia.  Established in 1856, the slipway has been through many changes over the years and is now run by the Spadina family, since 2015.

With the marine construction equipment on hand, and a knowledge of what is expected by mariners, having come from the other side as an owner of vessels for many years, the Spadina family moved into action immediately transforming the property into a properly functioning commercial slipway and boatyard.  Whilst the works were taking place, the Spadina’s took the opportunity to slip their own fleet so they would be in tip-top condition when going to future jobs.

Maryborough Slipway has sandblasting, painting, boilermaking, fabrication and many more services available.