Equipment Hire

Foreshore Marine Queensland in conjunction with Spadina Piling Equipment has a number of marine and construction related machinery that is for hire.

Choose from:

  • Barges
  • Diesel hammers
  • Hydraulic hammers
  • Vibrators
  • Customised marine piling equipment
  • Tug Hire
  • And more

Titan Tug

Length: 14.3m
Twin Screw 400 Cat Engines.  12 ton anchor handling winch.  Shallow Draft
2B Survey

Workboat 29 Steel tugboat

Length: 10.5m
Beam:  3.18m
Depth: 1.26m

Ibis 11 Hopper Barge

Length: 28m
Beam: 9.6m
Depth: 2.5m
Fitted with 65 tonne Volvo excavator complete with quick hitch, rippers, buckets.
Fitted with Trimble system.

Jack Up Barge

Length: 11.59m
Beam: 13.2m
Depth: 2.7m
Triangular shaped jack up barge suitable for accomodation or drill platform for geotechnical drilling.

Piling Vibrators

Hydraulic excavator mounted piling vibrators

Diesel Hammers

A wide range of diesel pile driving hammers available to suite every application, small to large.

DB1 Hopper Barge & Longreach Excavator

LENGTH:  24m

BEAM:  8.5m

DRAFT:  2m

Hyundai 30 ton Longreach Excavator

Trimble ready with a super long boom and 900mm & 1300mm buckets


BKA Sirius

BKA SIRIUS Jack Up Barge, a 33.7m  fast jacking barge able to jack up in 28m water depth at 6m/minute.

LENGTH:  33.7m

BEAM:  25.4m

DRAFT:  1.6m


St Vincent barge is a specialist heavy lift barge able to lift 640 tonnes in a single lift in shallow waters.

LENGTH: 59.4m

BEAM:  23.52m