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At Foreshore Marine, we offer the best possible solution to your marine construction needs.

From our fully equipped workshop to our state of the art barges we ensure that any project undertaken
is completed to the highest standards.

Covering 20 years in the construction and marine construction industry, Foreshore Marine has experience in
commercial building, civil construction, government, commercial and private marine constructions.

Situated in the Fraser Coast area of South East Queensland, our barges and equipment are fully road transportable
to allow flexibility Australia wide.

We also have a sister company Spadina Piling Equipment, and together we have an extensive range of piling equipment
including a range of various sizes in diesel hammers and vibrators also work and tug boats.  With the availability of
a light aircraft on hand, accessing our clients needs is never a problem.

If you have a complex marine project to undertake
Foreshore Marine can offer a full turnkey facility.

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We will be happy to answer any of your queries!

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